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The Young Coders competition
is back again for 2022

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New for 2022 our Competition has been assessed as meeting required standards of
British Science Association CREST Awards -
Discovery level at KS2 and Bronze level at KS3! – For more info see our FAQ’s!

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The Young Coders competition is back again for 2022 bringing to you an amazing opportunity for you and your students to gain hands-on experience in coding with Scratch.
Originally just for primary schools years 4-6 we listened to last year’s feedback and have opened up the entry criteria to now include secondary years 7 & 8.

This year's theme is ‘My World, Our Planet’. We are looking for participants to create a reactive game which encourages children to take care of natural resources and improve the environment. The opportunities are endless and you are in charge of creativity!
Think about the content of your game, we are looking for something engaging, fun, interactive and reactive! 

Our Young Coders Competition is open for children in years Y4, 5, 6, 7 & 8  (P5, 6, 7 and S1 Scotland, Y5, 6, 7 and 8 Northern Ireland) who can work individually or in teams of 2 - 6 children to create their project. There are two planning options:

  • 12 week course for absolute beginners (children, teachers, parents and guardians) 
  • 6 week course for those who already have a little experience with using Scratch

These resources can be used as part of the Computing curriculum in your school or as part of an extracurricular club or may be used by a parent or guardian with their child at home.